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Warren Fair


Warren has been a part of the JSW journey since 1991 when he joined Brandrill. He subsequently became one of the founding directors of JSW Australia in 2010 with the new company formation.

What Warren enjoys most about working at JSW:

Watching people succeed. The industry we work in is so open to innovation and new ideas and the new generation of people coming through now are so adaptive and responsive to the hunger for change and improvement in everything we do. Enabling people to be and deliver their best for themselves, their families and the world as a whole gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

Steve Payne


Steve is a founding director of JSW and has been integral in building a leadership position for the business through efficient, safe and innovative operations.

What Steve enjoys most about working at JSW:

The freedom to dream, to think of solutions, pursue ideas and the trust and patience given to try and fail on the journey to success. The people, the long-term associations with both employees and suppliers and the friendships formed.

Guy Mola


Guy has over 30 years’ of experience in the mining industry, with extensive knowledge in contract and operations management.

What do you enjoy most about working at JSW?

The people you meet and the relationships you build with these people, whether they are clients, suppliers, or work colleagues. The challenges our industry presents us and working with a great team to resolve these challenges.

Chris Parkinson


Chris has more than 20 years’ experience as a senior finance professional, both as an advisor and CFO. Chris leads JSW’s finance function, with the objectives of supporting the financial performance and growth of the business, and managing risk.

Simone Woolston


Simone specialises in information technology and business systems, and has a strong background in database management and BI analysis.

What Simone enjoys most about working at JSW:

Working with a great team, enjoying the challenges and the need to learn new technologies in order to provide state of the art systems for everybody.

Michael Kostarelas


Michael has over 30 years’ of experience in the contract mining and civil sectors, developing benchmark plant and maintenance processes and streamlining operations for business improvement.

What is Michael passionate about:

Being respectful, good planning, robust systems and a focussed team, always challenging the status quo through continuous improvement and developing individuals to achieve results.

Josh Mason


Josh plays a critical role in maintaining the health and well-being of our teams, managing incident investigation, audits, injury management, and ensuring that our systems, processes, and training are in place to protect our people and performance.

What are you passionate about?

Creating meaningful safety changes in our workplaces that help and not hinder our ability to work, fostering teamwork and participation in resolving issues, and developing ownership of safety.

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