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We have been specialists in production drilling and blasting since the 1980s. This industry experience underpins the quality of our work and our innovative solutions.


The safety of our people, clients and the communities in which we operate is of absolute priority.
JSW has developed and implemented many safety initiatives and improvements over the years. Our strong, consistent safety performance is testament to the strength of our systems and the safety culture we have created.
Ongoing focus areas include rig remote control and automation capability as we seek to have no one on the drill pad by 2025.


JSW is committed to equality and diversity initiatives that deliver improved employment opportunities for indigenous
We have a clear objective to increase the numbers of indigenous Australians employed within the drilling industry.
We deploy short, medium and long term strategies which aim to create broader opportunities and deliver sustainable employment and career development pathways.
Our joint venture partnership with Traditional Owner organisation Eastern Guruma has facilitated the employment
and training of Eastern Guruma people at one of our Pilbara projects. This model is helping us to map out and action additional strategies across our other projects.


JSW fosters a culture of social consciousness. We have clear policies and targets to promote and support a diverse, inclusive workplace with equal treatment and
opportunities for all.
On average, 10% of our employees are female
and 10% are indigenous.  We are targeting a consistent 15% for both groups company-wide.
Our pathway to reaching these targets include strategic
partnerships, community engagement and training, and employment programs.

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