Simone Woolston - JSW Drilling

Simone Woolston


Simone specialises in information technology and business systems and has a strong background in database management and BI analysis.

Since 1993, Simone has been instrumental in the maintenance and development of multiple databases and applications for JSW and our predecessor, Brandrill. She has since led the team in the development of purpose-built IT infrastructure. This includes SMT, a proprietary system that delivers significant time and data cost efficiencies by enabling more accurate and timely data capture and transfer from site. Integrated with ERP and HSET, this enables real-time and accurate data to be published to live interactive dashboards for improved project management.

Simone holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Information Science).

What do you enjoy most about working with JSW?

Working with a great team, enjoying the challenges and the need to learn new technologies in order to provide state of the art systems for everybody.

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