Steve Payne - JSW Drilling

Steve Payne


Steve is a founding employee of JSW and has been integral in building a leadership position for the business through efficient, safe and innovative operations.

He has led significant projects from R&D through to development. This includes the development of JSW’s proprietary sample drilling systems and technology, and resultant design and manufacturing of multiple, small footprint, high capacity RC drill rigs.

Steve has over 25 years of drilling industry experience, firstly at Drilltorque before moving on to be the first employee of Strange Drilling in 1996. At Strange Drilling, he was instrumental in building the company’s long standing reputation with the design of its first drills. In 2007, Brandrill acquired Strange Drilling and his journey with JSW commenced in 2010 when it purchased Strange Drilling.

Steve holds a Cert IV in Drilling and a Cert IV in Work Health and Safety.

What do you enjoy most about working with JSW?

The freedom to dream, to think of solutions, pursue ideas and the trust and patience given to try and fail on the journey to success.

The people, the long-term associations with both employees and suppliers and the friendships formed.

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