JSW’s co-operative alliance with leading European drill rig developer BBurg is part of a broader strategy to ensure that the JSW fleet is continually upgraded and improved to meet the changing needs of the market.

JSW worked with BBurg to develop a high-powered, small footprint drill to overcome difficult terrain and reduce costs at its Solomon operations.

“We shared ideas and concepts with BBurg, which provided the foundation for the development of the new HD2500RC rig,” said JSW CEO, Jeff Branson.

“BBurg’s customer-driven engineering approach, which tailors rigs to specific applications, resonated with us as it supports our ability to provide customised drilling services to our clients. The partnership also supports the on-going evolution of the JSW fleet”.

The HD2500RC is the first of several new rigs that JSW will be introducing to its fleet in the coming  months.

“Our fleet is reviewed and upgraded regularly and we are excited about the new rigs that will be added to the fleet, making the latest technology available to our clients and supporting the achievement of their objectives,” Mr Branson said.

JSW is no stranger to drill innovation with recent successes at its Alcoa project in WA including the use of Equus rigs capable of maintaining production in steep terrain of more than 30 degrees, and the development of a special purpose, small foot print drill rig, comprising a unique drill bit, drilling method and customised tractor carrier that supported the delivery of superior sample quality.

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