Technology and big data are at the heart of modern-day business innovation no matter the industry or sector.

More and more, businesses seek new and innovative technologies that strive for improved productivity, efficiency and safety whilst, crucially, improving production and managing costs.

By the same token, businesses want to see benefits from the use of data, both in the planning and execution of projects as well as for the purpose of delivering operational efficiencies and streamlining systems and processes.

“The drilling industry needs to be at the forefront of this technological development,” says JSW Australia Chief Operating Officer, Warren Fair.

“Today, clients want access to automation technology and services that leverage and apply live and historical data for better project outcomes.  We firmly believe that we must be able to give this to them.

“We also believe that there must be an on-going evolution of systems and processes that enable the development of customised solutions, an area where JSW is making an impact and delivering some fantastic outcomes for its mining clients,” Mr Fair said.

As an innovator and industry leader in customised drilling services, JSW has custom-developed integrated business systems that deliver rich drill and production data that facilitates meaningful resource definition, analysis and reporting.

JSW’s purpose-built, industry-leading IT infrastructure is able to provide a single point of entry and verification for accurate and timely information. It is also able to work within rigorous frameworks and can be easily integrated with corporate systems.

“Smart Drill Data (SDD) delivers significant time and cost efficiencies by enabling more accurate and timely data capture and transfer from site,” says JSW GM Operations, Steve Payne.

“SDD’s single point data entry improves accuracy by removing the need for the manual entry of data. It also reduces processing times and facilitates greater visibility of project progress and productivity.

“The SMT Production Database works in tandem with SDD, seamlessly providing direct and timely access to the drilling data via our client portal. This includes access to productivity and efficiency data, record of works, including fees and revenue”.

To remain ahead of the curve, JSW is in the process of patenting several new technologies that will further enhance its capabilities in drill automation and the application of live data.

“Through custom-developed business systems, JSW is driving transparency and delivering fast and accurate drill and production data to its clients,” says Warren Fair.

“Project data belongs to our clients and it is our job to ensure that we collectively have access to information for effective project management”.

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