The delivery of customised drilling solutions is in line with JSW’s Mission to deliver a competitive advantage to its clients through improved efficiencies, enhanced safety, and time and cost benefits.

Dewatering programs completed for several large mining companies in recent months have drawn on our specialist expertise and versatile fleet.

In each case, Vermeer D100X120 drill rigs were used to deliver a comprehensive solution. This included the drilling of the holes at a distance of over eight metres away from pit wall, installation of casing, grouting, and well-head connectors. The rigs are also capable of drilling both air hammer, air rotary and mud rotary holes dependent on ground conditions.

Specialist Tatra hook trucks supported all of the drilling activities, eliminating the need for personnel to access the back of the truck and bringing the trays containing all of the compressors, drill rods, water and service modules and other support items down to ground level.  The use of the single hook truck further enhanced safety by reducing vehicle numbers in the active mining area.

At Nickel West, a successful horizontal depressurisation drilling program was completed with the Vermeer D100X120 drilling 127mm holes to +150m at minus 5 degrees inclination, with each 150 metre hole completed within a single shift.

“The use of a directional drill rig, where the operator is well clear of the high wall during drilling, ensured that high safety standards were applied at all times,” says JSW CEO, Jeff Branson.

“A number of working at heights issues were overcome by locating drill-hole collars about a metre above the bench level, which assisted the efficient installation of casing and dewatering plumbing”.

The drilling program was completed on time and within budget and was endorsed by BHP.

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