The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is one of the courses facilitated through our independently audited enterprise Registered Training Organisation (52503) to develop and upskill our emerging leaders. 

The invitation only course provides the necessary tools and knowledge to lead a diverse workforce, forge meaningful team relationships and communicate effectively in a work environment, in addition to several other core skills needed to successfully manage a team. 

Six employees including Project Managers, HSET and supply personnel participated in the course, held by Bob McNair, HSET Manager and with Warren Fair, CEO in attendance. 

The Leadership and Management course is an important part of JSW’s Career Development Program, ensuring continued learning opportunities and clear progression pathways.  

12 units of competency completed over the duration of the six to 12 month course include: 

  1. Communicate effectively as a workplace leader 
  2. Lead effective workplace relationships 
  3. Lead team effectiveness 
  4. Implement operational plans 
  5. Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements 
  6. Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control 
  7. Write complex documents 
  8. Show leadership in the workplace 
  9. Implement continuous improvement 
  10. Identify risk and apply risk management processes 
  11. Develop work priorities 
  12. Develop teams and individuals  


The six employees who were identified as emerging leaders and were invited to undertake the certification were: 

Chris Tinkler: recognised for his success as a Project Manager at resource development projects. 

Brenden Lye: has a wide range of experience within the drilling industry in HSET as well as operational duties. 

Craig Lalla: a great mentor and continues to set the standard in training current and future drillers.  

Ryan Mosedale: identified for his attitude, enthusiasm and commitment to safety and productivity at Boddington. 

Luke Rowlinson: identified for his positive attitude and enthusiasm taking on a new role managing the stores and purchasing department within JSW. 

Mick Garrity: a proactive Workshop Manager at Solomon, always willing to assist and be involved in the commissioning of new and refurbished rigs. 

JSW congratulate these employees.  

16 JSW employees have successfully completed their Certificate IV in Leadership and Management through our RTO to date, and our intake is continuing to grow.  

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