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September 17, 2019 | Innovation, News

The words Pronto, Lucidity and SMT2.0 have become part of our everyday vocabulary at JSW over the past few years.

The various elements of the JSW business system connect all of our integrated processes, enabling them to work together to support and achieve the business strategy.

BI Dashboards provide an online project summary which sources data from Pronto, Lucidity and SMT 2.0 and summarises all data for projects. Dashboard information includes daily, monthly or YTD summaries with monthly target, forecast and budget data, and informs management of expected progress, cost and profit information.

The key benefits delivered by the business system are:

  • Improved performance – providing up-to-date information on areas and processes requiring improvement and creating a better understanding on how to meet the needs of customers.
  • Meeting customer expectations -improving the JSW brand and how it is presented to our community, including customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Employee engagement – enabling employees to work more efficiently and effectively, and harnessing employee ideas and creativity to increase engagement.
  • Reducing cost and increasing profits and efficiency – providing real time access to data in order to allow timely and well-informed decision making.