500 DAYS LTI FREE - JSW Drilling


We recently reached a milestone achievement of 500 Days LTI (Lost Time Injury) Free, a result that would not have been possible without the combined effort of the entire JSW Drilling team.

With safety at the core of everything we do, we’re committed to continuously improving our practices and protocols to ensure a safe workplace across all of our drilling and blasting operations.

Some of the key actions that contributed to this achievement include:

  • Reducing and managing the weight of drill consumables by shipping oils and other fluids in smaller containers and marking packages and parts with their weight to make it easy to determine when lifting aids are required
  • Maintaining high quality toolboxes
  • Fostering a just reporting culture
  • Increased HSE communications and transparency
  • Continuously striving for higher standards
  • Greater focus on finding improvements that can be made on site

We look forward to maintaining our industry leading safety record and celebrating more milestone achievements in the future.

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